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Visit the beautiful Auckland

Find a Spare Room in Auckland, New Zealand

The small island nation of New Zealand is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, national rugby team, and the Maori culture. Whether you’re moving to Auckland for studies, work, or holiday, why not consider renting a spare room? Read on to discover what to do during your time in Auckland, and why you should think about staying in a local’s home.

What to do in Auckland

There are endless different activities to choose from depending on your own personal interests. If you feel like delving into New Zealand’s history and culture, you have to visit the Auckland Museum and the New Zealand Maritime Museum. Art aficionados will enjoy seeing the exhibitions at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, one of New Zealand’s most iconic buildings and home to countless works of art.

New Zealand is a treasure trove for outdoor lovers. Between the beautiful beaches, breathtaking regional parks, and the multitude of walking trails, you’ll never be short of something to do. Adrenaline junkies will also feel right at home with all the bungee-jumping, sky diving, and other extreme sports available. Of course, fans of Lord of the Rings will most definitely enjoy exploring the ‘home of Middle-Earth’. You can even spend a day touring the Hobbiton Movie Set, a two hour drive from Auckland.

Check out this fantastic guide full of everything to do in Auckland from places to eat, to must-see sights, with something for all budgets.

Fun Fact: Did you know that New Zealand is part of its own continent, Zealandia? The unseen 93% of the continent is submerged underwater.

View from the Sky Tower, Auckland

The advantages of renting a spare room in Auckland

Whatever your reason for visiting Auckland, you might be interested in a spare room rental. You would be living with a local who can probably answer any questions you have regarding the city, and point out a few good restaurants or hidden gems to visit too. What’s more, it’s significantly cheaper than renting a studio, an apartment, or staying in a hotel if you're staying in Auckland for a short amount of time. Another benefit is that you’ll have the opportunity to create a life-long friendship with your host! Have a look at our spare room rental ads on Roomlala to find your next home in Auckland!

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