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Room To Share Caen 134114-1Room To Share Caen 134114-2Room To Share Caen 134114-3Room To Share Caen 134114-4Room To Share Caen 134114-5Room To Share Caen 134114-6Room To Share Caen 134114-7Room To Share Caen 134114-8

Colocation 1 Chambre Appartement 113 M²

Room to share | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
360 € / mois
Room To Share Cambes-En-Plaine 204637-1Room To Share Cambes-En-Plaine 204637-2Room To Share Cambes-En-Plaine 204637-3

Chambre à Louer

Room to share | House

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
400 € / mois
Room To Share Ifs 250101-1Room To Share Ifs 250101-2Room To Share Ifs 250101-3Room To Share Ifs 250101-4Room To Share Ifs 250101-5

Chambre En Colocation

Room to share | House | 15 M2

1 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
350 € / mois
Room To Share Deauville 252048-1Room To Share Deauville 252048-2Room To Share Deauville 252048-3Room To Share Deauville 252048-4Room To Share Deauville 252048-5Room To Share Deauville 252048-6

Chambre Meublé Avec Douche Privé

Room to share | House

4 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
465 € / mois
Room To Share Le Havre 223054-1Room To Share Le Havre 223054-2Room To Share Le Havre 223054-3Room To Share Le Havre 223054-4Room To Share Le Havre 223054-5Room To Share Le Havre 223054-6

Chambre Dans Colocation De 3 Personnes

Room to share | Flat

1 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
420 € / mois

About Caen

You are thinking of sharing a flat in Caen, the pretty town of Basse-Normandie? You won't regret this! Whether you choose to rent an apartment or a shared house, check out Roomlala's ads for Caen. In the heart of the Calvados region, living in a shared apartment is a practice that is tending to spread. In Caen, it is ideal to find accommodation to share in order to divide the cost of rent and charges related to housing such as water, electricity, internet... You will certainly find a roommate or roommates amongst the 405 000 that count today in the city of Caen. All you need to do is browse through Roomlala's ads, consult user profiles and see, thanks to their description and messaging, with whom you'll find yourself in good chemistry. To start your search, see the roommate ads in Caen available near the main streets of the city: Quai Amiral Hamelin , Avenue de la Côte de Nacre. Le Centre ancien , Hastings, Université , La Haie Vigné, Saint-Ouen... A specific area of Caen makes you wary? Use the map available on the Roomlala ad listings pages to target that particular neighbourhood and see if there are any shared apartments available to rent in the area. You have found a shared flat in Caen? Remember to check if the area is well served by public transport, such as bus lines and bus stations nearby (Saint Jean Église , Conservatoire , Université). There is also the tramway in Caen: which tram stations are near your accommodation? (centre-ville, Le Campus 1, Le Centre Commercial Côte de Nacre...) If you also plan to take the train regularly, needless to say that it is important to take these precautions into account. Gare de Caen... which station in Caen is closest to the accommodation you plan to rent? They may be rarer than your train trips, but air travel is also a consideration. Be aware that you can easily fly to Caen from Aéroport de Caen - Carpiquet, to travel to your holiday destinations or for your business trips. You can discover a common passion with your roommates: music? That's good timing. Caen reserves you amazing shows and concerts in the halls such as the Théâtre de Caen, Comédie de Caen. In Caen, you can take your roommates to the city's hottest festivals: Festival Beauregard, Maizet Jazz Festival. The opportunity to find yourselves in a context that is different for your roommates. If you prefer sport to music, you can offer your roommates to attend games or sporting events. There are some regularly in the known stadiums of Caen: Stade de Venoix, Stade Municipal de Carpiquet. Sports events not to be missed in Caen : L'Open de tennis de Caen, Les Courants de la Liberté, La Normandy Channel Race. If your roommate favours culture rather than sport, no problem! There are many museums in Caen, like visiting the @meseum@ will allow you to perfect your knowledge in art, history... and have some nice outings between roommates. Moving to Caen has its advantages! It will be possible for you to walk in the nice corners of the city, like the parks and squares, like Place Saint-Sauveur, Place de la Résistence , Le Château de Caen. The idea is to find a shared flat that is close to the points of interest in Caen: Port de Plaisance, Le Château de Caen, Presbytère Saint Jean, Porte Saint-Pierre, Abbaye aux Dames. If you are students, it will be more obvious for you to find your future roommates amongst the other students on your campus. Between here and Université de Caen Normandie, Amphi Pierre Daure, UFR de Droit, you won't be alone in wanting to find a roommate in Caen