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Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-1Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-2Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-3Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-4Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-5Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-6Room To Share Saint-Nazaire 242067-7
440 € / mois

Chambre En Colocation Meublee

Room to share | House | 11 M2 | 1 people

4.5 (2)

440 € / mois
Room To Share Guérande 253721-1Room To Share Guérande 253721-2Room To Share Guérande 253721-3Room To Share Guérande 253721-4Room To Share Guérande 253721-5Room To Share Guérande 253721-6Room To Share Guérande 253721-7Room To Share Guérande 253721-8
500 € / mois

Cocooning Chaleureux

Room to share | Flat | 35 M2 | 1 people

500 € / mois
Room To Share Nantes 57328-1Room To Share Nantes 57328-2Room To Share Nantes 57328-3Room To Share Nantes 57328-4Room To Share Nantes 57328-5
500 € / mois

Chambre À Louer

Room to share | House | 1 people

5 (3)

500 € / mois
Room To Share Nantes 174238-1Room To Share Nantes 174238-2Room To Share Nantes 174238-3Room To Share Nantes 174238-4Room To Share Nantes 174238-5Room To Share Nantes 174238-6Room To Share Nantes 174238-7
480 € / mois

Chambre Meublée Rénovée - Colocation

Room to share | Flat | 3 people

480 € / mois
Room To Share Nantes 236664-1Room To Share Nantes 236664-2Room To Share Nantes 236664-3Room To Share Nantes 236664-4Room To Share Nantes 236664-5Room To Share Nantes 236664-6Room To Share Nantes 236664-7Room To Share Nantes 236664-8
499 € / mois

Chambre Colocation Toute équipée - Nantes

Room to share | Flat | 3 people

499 € / mois

About Saint-Nazaire

You wish to find a roommate or a roommate in Saint-Nazaire? Saint-Nazaire is located in France. With Roomlala, the inhabitants in Saint-Nazaire will be very happy to welcome you as a roommate for your studies, internships or business trips. Look for a student roommate or holiday roommate offer, close to important locations in Saint-Nazaire. We offer roommate or sublet ads in the main student areas of Saint-Nazaire for medium and long terms (monthly or yearly or short term roommate).