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Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 159735-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 159735-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 159735-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 159735-4Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 159735-5

"coté Nature"

Entire place | Other

3 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
650 € / mois
Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-4Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-5Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-6Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-7Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 250185-8

Colocation Proche Facultés Pour Minimum 9 Mois

Entire place | Flat

4 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser |
1150 € / mois
Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 49509-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 49509-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 49509-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 49509-4

Loue Studio Avec Piscine Et Jardin à Partager

Entire place | Flat | 21 M2

3 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Air conditioner | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1500 € / mois
Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 154126-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 154126-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 154126-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 154126-4Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 154126-5

Studio Entièrement Équipé

Entire place | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms)
750 € / mois
Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-4Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-5Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-6Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 126695-7

Grand Appartement Calme, 3 Chambres

Entire place | Flat | 80 M2

5 people | 3 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) simple(s)
Sheets | Television | Heating | Internet
3750 € / mois
Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-4Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-5Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-6Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 247044-7

Coquet Studio Privé, Attenant à Maison

Entire place | Studio

1 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) simple(s)
Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet

5 (1)

680 € / mois
Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-1Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-2Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-3Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-4Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-5Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-6Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-7Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-8Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-9Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-10Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-11Entire Place Aix-En-Provence 30574-12

Gite La Petite Maison Sous Les Pins Aix En Provence Puyricard

Entire place | House

4 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
2500 € / mois
Entire Place Gardanne 74695-1Entire Place Gardanne 74695-2Entire Place Gardanne 74695-3Entire Place Gardanne 74695-4

Studio À Louer

Entire place | House | 20 M2

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet

4.9 (7)

780 € / mois
Entire Place Venelles 74929-1Entire Place Venelles 74929-2Entire Place Venelles 74929-3Entire Place Venelles 74929-4Entire Place Venelles 74929-5Entire Place Venelles 74929-6Entire Place Venelles 74929-7Entire Place Venelles 74929-8

Bastide À Louer En Provence

Entire place | House

6 people | 3 bedrooms)
8000 € / mois
Entire Place Les Pennes-Mirabeau 203187-1Entire Place Les Pennes-Mirabeau 203187-2Entire Place Les Pennes-Mirabeau 203187-3Entire Place Les Pennes-Mirabeau 203187-4Entire Place Les Pennes-Mirabeau 203187-5

Appartement Avec Terrasse Dans Une Propriété Avec Piscine.

Entire place | House | 28 M2

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s), 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Air conditioner | Heating |
1100 € / mois
Entire Place Velaux 182711-1Entire Place Velaux 182711-2Entire Place Velaux 182711-3Entire Place Velaux 182711-4

Maison "little Hight Teck"

Entire place | House

8 people | 4 bedrooms)
6214 € / mois
Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-1Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-2Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-3Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-4Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-5Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-6Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-7Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-8Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-9Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-10Entire Place Peyrolles-En-Provence 62926-11

Maisonnette Indépendante Dans Pinède

Entire place | House

4 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1971 € / mois
Entire Place Puyloubier 64147-1Entire Place Puyloubier 64147-2Entire Place Puyloubier 64147-3Entire Place Puyloubier 64147-4

Appartement À Louer Au Pied De La Sainte-victoire

Entire place | Flat | 55 M2

3 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser |
1885 € / mois
Entire Place Lambesc 27854-1Entire Place Lambesc 27854-2Entire Place Lambesc 27854-3Entire Place Lambesc 27854-4Entire Place Lambesc 27854-5Entire Place Lambesc 27854-6Entire Place Lambesc 27854-7Entire Place Lambesc 27854-8

Gîte En Provence

Entire place | Other

4 people | 2 bedrooms)
3357 € / mois
Entire Place Marseille 233683-1Entire Place Marseille 233683-2Entire Place Marseille 233683-3Entire Place Marseille 233683-4Entire Place Marseille 233683-5Entire Place Marseille 233683-6Entire Place Marseille 233683-7Entire Place Marseille 233683-8Entire Place Marseille 233683-9Entire Place Marseille 233683-10

Beau T2 St Louis Pour Découvrir Marseille

Entire place | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1200 € / mois
Entire Place Allauch 239403-1Entire Place Allauch 239403-2Entire Place Allauch 239403-3Entire Place Allauch 239403-4Entire Place Allauch 239403-5Entire Place Allauch 239403-6

Studio Indépendant à Allauch

Entire place | Studio | 35 M2

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
650 € / mois
Entire Place Marseille 249403-1Entire Place Marseille 249403-2Entire Place Marseille 249403-3Entire Place Marseille 249403-4Entire Place Marseille 249403-5

Se Loger Cet été à Marseille

Entire place | House

2 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Internet

5 (1)

1400 € / mois
Entire Place Allauch 128926-1Entire Place Allauch 128926-2Entire Place Allauch 128926-3Entire Place Allauch 128926-4

Studio Dans Mon Jardin

Entire place | Other

1 people | 1 bedrooms)
990 € / mois

About Aix-en-Provence

You are looking for a furnished rental in the Bouches-du-Rhône area, more precisely in Aix-en-Provence? This city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region will win you over when you discover the pretty ads for furnished apartments, furnished studios and furnished rooms for rent in Aix-en-Provence. Thanks to Roomlala, find the furnished accommodation of your dreams and join the warm 142 668 inhabitants of Aix-en-Provence. Among the furnished rental advertisements broadcast on the Roomlala platform, you can search for an apartment in a specific area, including your favorite streets: Avenue de l'Europe, Boulevard du Roi René, Avenue des Belges... A neighborhood in sight? No problem, you can directly enter the name of the Aix-en-Provence neighborhood in the search engine: La Torse, Pigonnet, Saint-Mître, Puyricard, Luynes... When checking the ad or contacting the owner, ask about the bus stops located around your furnished rental in Aix-en-Provence: Bellegarde, Cité du Livre, Mirabeau. The city is also served by the tramway. Don't hesitate to ask about the stations near your furnished accommodation in Aix-en-Provence: Noailles, Les Caillols, La Blancarde. To get around, you can easily take the train from gare d'Aix-en-Provence, gare d'Aix-en-Provence TGV to Aix-en-Provence. If you like to travel or are regularly required to book a flight to get around, you are lucky! In Aix-en-Provence, you can leave l'aéroport Marseille-Provence and fly to your destinations. If you were already won over by Aix-en-Provence, you will be even more won over when you discover the list of shows that pass through Aix-en-Provence to perform on stage at the l'Arena du Pays d'Aix, la Seconde Nature, La Scène. There are many concerts in Aix-en-Provence, festivals will also delight you. You will not regret for a second to have decided to rent a furnished apartment or a furnished house in Aix-en-Provence when you can attend (le Festival international d'art lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence, le Festival provençal des orchestres de jeunes, Zik Zac Festival). And if you are more passionate about sport than concerts and music festivals, know that at Aix-en-Provence, you will have the opportunity to go to the le Stade Georges-Carcassonne, le stade Maurice-David, le Stade de la Molière stadium to applaud the athletes at the heart of the action. Aix-en-Provence sporting events will thrill you and allow you to spend intense moments with other people in Aix-en-Provence at events such as l'Open du Pays d'Aix, la Ronde d'Aix, l'Enduranne. Once settled in Aix-en-Provence in your furnished rental, take the time on the weekend to discover the exhibitions and museums. Such as the le Musée Granet, le Musée des Tapisseries, le Musée du Vieil-Aix. Near your furnished rental in Aix-en-Provence, you will certainly also find parks or squares in which you will like to stroll on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, like Parc des Collines de Cuques, Parc Saint-Mître, Jardins du Pavillon de Vendôme. If you're more of a motivated type, you can even jog there. Le Cours Mirabeau, la Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur d'Aix-en-Provence, l'Atelier de Cézanne, le Pavillon de Vendôme, la fontaine de la Rotonde: if your furnished rental is close to one of these places in Aix-en-Provence, it's even better you'll see! Finally, Aix-en-Provence is a student city. If you are looking for student accommodation in Aix-en-Provence, do not hesitate to check our furnished rental listings on Roomlala: furnished room for rent, furnished apartment in Aix-en-Provence, furnished studio. You will find accommodation made for you and close to your university or school, including l'Institut d'études politiques d'Aix-en-Provence, l'Université de la Méditerranée Aix-Marseille II, l'École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence.