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Entire Place Nanterre 39753-1Entire Place Nanterre 39753-2Entire Place Nanterre 39753-3Entire Place Nanterre 39753-4Entire Place Nanterre 39753-5Entire Place Nanterre 39753-6

Duplex - Co-location Atypique. Nord-ouest De Paris, Nanterre

Entire place | Flat | 75 M2

2 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) simple(s)
Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
650 € / mois
Entire Place Nanterre 108700-1Entire Place Nanterre 108700-2Entire Place Nanterre 108700-3Entire Place Nanterre 108700-4Entire Place Nanterre 108700-5Entire Place Nanterre 108700-6Entire Place Nanterre 108700-7

Studio À Nanterre

Entire place | Flat

4 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s), 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1200 € / mois
Entire Place Suresnes 151397-1Entire Place Suresnes 151397-2Entire Place Suresnes 151397-3Entire Place Suresnes 151397-4Entire Place Suresnes 151397-5Entire Place Suresnes 151397-6Entire Place Suresnes 151397-7Entire Place Suresnes 151397-8Entire Place Suresnes 151397-9Entire Place Suresnes 151397-10Entire Place Suresnes 151397-11

Appartement Suresnes

Entire place | Flat

6 people | 3 bedrooms) - 2 lit(s) simple(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
6500 € / mois
Entire Place Suresnes 57269-1Entire Place Suresnes 57269-2Entire Place Suresnes 57269-3Entire Place Suresnes 57269-4

Maisonnette-cottage à Louer à Paris

Entire place | House

3 people | 1 bedrooms)
3000 € / mois
Entire Place Suresnes 78653-1Entire Place Suresnes 78653-2Entire Place Suresnes 78653-3Entire Place Suresnes 78653-4Entire Place Suresnes 78653-5Entire Place Suresnes 78653-6Entire Place Suresnes 78653-7Entire Place Suresnes 78653-8Entire Place Suresnes 78653-9

Gîte à Louer - Paris Mont Valérien

Entire place | House

3 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s), 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
3000 € / mois
Entire Place Suresnes 151401-1Entire Place Suresnes 151401-2Entire Place Suresnes 151401-3Entire Place Suresnes 151401-4Entire Place Suresnes 151401-5Entire Place Suresnes 151401-6Entire Place Suresnes 151401-7Entire Place Suresnes 151401-8Entire Place Suresnes 151401-9Entire Place Suresnes 151401-10Entire Place Suresnes 151401-11Entire Place Suresnes 151401-12

Paris Bella Vista - Hauts De Paris

Entire place | House

6 people | 3 bedrooms)
6500 € / mois
Entire Place Paris 240477-1Entire Place Paris 240477-2Entire Place Paris 240477-3Entire Place Paris 240477-4Entire Place Paris 240477-5Entire Place Paris 240477-6Entire Place Paris 240477-7Entire Place Paris 240477-8Entire Place Paris 240477-9Entire Place Paris 240477-10Entire Place Paris 240477-11

Un Appartement Sur Les Champs Elysées

Entire place | Flat | 35 M2

4 people | 1 bedrooms) - 2 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1800 € / mois
Entire Place Paris 169319-1Entire Place Paris 169319-2Entire Place Paris 169319-3Entire Place Paris 169319-4Entire Place Paris 169319-5Entire Place Paris 169319-6Entire Place Paris 169319-7

Studette A Paris, Idealement Située

Entire place | House

2 people | 1 bedrooms)

5 (1)

680 € / mois
Entire Place Paris 192195-1Entire Place Paris 192195-2Entire Place Paris 192195-3Entire Place Paris 192195-4Entire Place Paris 192195-5Entire Place Paris 192195-6

Belle Chambre Sur Paris

Entire place | Other | 10 M2

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) simple(s), 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Internet

5 (3)

850 € / mois
Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-1Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-2Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-3Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-4Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-5Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-6Entire Place Levallois-Perret 230797-7

Appartement Tout Confort Sur Levallois-perret

Entire place | Flat | 33 M2

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet

5 (2)

1300 € / mois
Entire Place Rueil-Malmaison 253644-1Entire Place Rueil-Malmaison 253644-2Entire Place Rueil-Malmaison 253644-3Entire Place Rueil-Malmaison 253644-4

Studio Proche Paris (rueil Rer A)

Entire place | Studio

1 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) simple(s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1071 € / mois
Entire Place Paris 249278-1Entire Place Paris 249278-2Entire Place Paris 249278-3Entire Place Paris 249278-4Entire Place Paris 249278-5Entire Place Paris 249278-6Entire Place Paris 249278-7Entire Place Paris 249278-8

Auteuil - Bois

Entire place | Flat | 39 M2

3 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s), 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1450 € / mois
Entire Place Argenteuil 253502-1

Studio Indipendent Pour 2 Place

Entire place | Studio

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 2 lit(s) simple(s)
2250 € / mois
Entire Place Asnières-Sur-Seine 159202-1Entire Place Asnières-Sur-Seine 159202-2Entire Place Asnières-Sur-Seine 159202-3Entire Place Asnières-Sur-Seine 159202-4Entire Place Asnières-Sur-Seine 159202-5Entire Place Asnières-Sur-Seine 159202-6

T1 Meublé Aux Portes De Paris

Entire place | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Internet
800 € / mois
Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-1Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-2Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-3Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-4Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-5Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-6Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-7Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-8Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-9Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-10Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-11Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 74888-12

Chambre Privative Calme Et Indépendante - Proche Paris 16éme

Entire place | Studio | 19 M2

1 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 sofa bed (s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet

4.5 (2)

850 € / mois
Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-1Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-2Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-3Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-4Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-5Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-6Entire Place Boulogne-Billancourt 239314-7

Appartement 40 M2

Entire place | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser |
1400 € / mois
Entire Place Paris 234468-1Entire Place Paris 234468-2Entire Place Paris 234468-3Entire Place Paris 234468-4Entire Place Paris 234468-5Entire Place Paris 234468-6Entire Place Paris 234468-7Entire Place Paris 234468-8Entire Place Paris 234468-9Entire Place Paris 234468-10Entire Place Paris 234468-11Entire Place Paris 234468-12

Appartement 2 Pièces Bien Agencé Avenue Des Ternes

Entire place | Flat | 40 M2

4 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
1800 € / mois
Entire Place Chatou 77879-1Entire Place Chatou 77879-2Entire Place Chatou 77879-3Entire Place Chatou 77879-4Entire Place Chatou 77879-5

Studio À Louer Proche Paris/la Défense

Entire place | House | 30 M2

1 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
650 € / mois

About Nanterre

You are looking for a furnished rental in the Hauts-de-Seine area, more precisely in Nanterre? This city in the Île-de-France region will win you over when you discover the pretty ads for furnished apartments, furnished studios and furnished rooms for rent in Nanterre. Thanks to Roomlala, find the furnished accommodation of your dreams and join the warm 100 000 inhabitants of Nanterre. Among the furnished rental advertisements broadcast on the Roomlala platform, you can search for an apartment in a specific area, including your favorite streets: Avenue Pablo Picasso, Boulervard de Pesaro, Avenue Georges Clemenceau... A neighborhood in sight? No problem, you can directly enter the name of the Nanterre neighborhood in the search engine: Les Champs aux Melles, Les Fontenelles, Les Champs Pierreux, Les Provinces Françaises, Centre ville... When checking the ad or contacting the owner, ask about the bus stops located around your furnished rental in Nanterre: Nanterre - Université, La Défense, Palais de la Jeunesse. The city is also served by the tramway. Don't hesitate to ask about the stations near your furnished accommodation in Nanterre: La Défense, Nanterre-Ville. If your preferred means of transportation is underground, no problem either! Opt for the tube at La Défense. To get around, you can easily take the train from Nanterre - Université, Gare de Nanterre Préfecture to Nanterre. If you like to travel or are regularly required to book a flight to get around, you are lucky! In Nanterre, you can leave Aeroporto de Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Aeroporto de Paris-Orly and fly to your destinations. If you were already won over by Nanterre, you will be even more won over when you discover the list of shows that pass through Nanterre to perform on stage at the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Opéra, Radiation De Nanterre Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de Nanterre. There are many concerts in Nanterre, festivals will also delight you. You will not regret for a second to have decided to rent a furnished apartment or a furnished house in Nanterre when you can attend (Festival Paris Summer Jam, Parade (s)). And if you are more passionate about sport than concerts and music festivals, know that at Nanterre, you will have the opportunity to go to the Le Stade des Bords de Seine, Stade Gabriel Peri stadium to applaud the athletes at the heart of the action. Nanterre sporting events will thrill you and allow you to spend intense moments with other people in Nanterre at events such as 10km de Nanterre, Trail urbain de Nanterre. Once settled in Nanterre in your furnished rental, take the time on the weekend to discover the exhibitions and museums. Such as the La contemporaine - Bibliothèque, , Drieu la Rochelle Isabelle, Puits de Sainte - Geneviève. Near your furnished rental in Nanterre, you will certainly also find parks or squares in which you will like to stroll on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, like Les Bergeres. If you're more of a motivated type, you can even jog there. Parc André Malraux, Piscine du palais des Sports, Sports Palace Palais des Sports: if your furnished rental is close to one of these places in Nanterre, it's even better you'll see! Finally, Nanterre is a student city. If you are looking for student accommodation in Nanterre, do not hesitate to check our furnished rental listings on Roomlala: furnished room for rent, furnished apartment in Nanterre, furnished studio. You will find accommodation made for you and close to your university or school, including U.F.R. Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives, Université Paris Nanterre.