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€500 /night
€1,500 /week
€3,000 /month
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1500 € / mois

Entire place | 5 people

Seia at Isabelle

26,5 km

Private rented in Portugal, in a pretty village at the foot of the mountain to the Stars in the mountains of the Serra da Estrela (1900 meters) a beautiful apartment T3 fully equipped with every comfort (equipped kitchen, fireplace, TV, HiFi. ..). Environment in the countryside, mountain views, various sports activities outdoor, cultural and gastronomic region par excellence. Entertainment, rides, exhibits, discovery of the fauna and flora offered by the Tourist Office. Tourist guide of castles and wineries, local cheese ... Location near Coimbra (the beautiful university town), Guarda, Viseu. The perfect place to unwind while discovering a beautiful country!

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1500 € / mois

Entire place | 9 people

Guarda at Isabel

31,4 km

The house is located in a rural quiet and peaceful village, next to the Serra da Estrela foot and is 30 kilometers from the Tower. It also has a 10-minute drive (Seia) all supermarkets and shopping markets, here in the village there is a small mini market and 2 coffees. The house has 2 double beds, 1 single, 2 sofa bed, fireplace and wood, heating, TV, refrigerator, microwave, 2-burner stove, toaster, kettle electric water heating, blender, linens, towels of toilet, towels and washcloths for the kitchen, dishes for cooking and eating meals for 9 people. The house has 2 floors, 1 double bed and individual are upstairs, the other a double bed and 2 sofas are downstairs. The top floor is a large living room, kitchenette, fireplace, sofas and beds. The bottom floor has a bathroom, the living room by the indoor wooden staircase and the double room. In this floor there are two ports: one for the front of house and public street and another to the rear that will get directly to the garden, pool and barbecue. The pool during the month of August is occupied by the owner of the house and is not available for guests. The best of country life, are even the simplest things. Those we call small pleasures and pervade the senses forever. Some are attached to us childhood memories and rediscover when we are transported to other times, times in which we lived slowly. Here in couple of Travancinhas, you can redeem each of these pieces of the history of each, reinventing them to brighten the days that are to come. Here are some of our favorite pleasures! - Diving in fresh water - Have a picnic in the shade of trees - Watch the sunset, the sun - Agree with the church bell - Napping by the fireplace - Be amazed by a wild animal (a squirrel, a wild boar..) - Picking mushrooms.

About Covilha

You wish to find a rental in Covilha? Covilha is a charming city located in Portugal. With Roomlala, the inhabitants of Covilha are very happy to welcome you, whatever the reason for your rental (tourism, travel, business travel, internship, studies, etc.). The site is at your disposal to help you find a furnished rental in Covilha or a private room in Covilha. What's the difference? By renting a room with the inhabitant, you mainly rent a room, within the housing of the inhabitant in Covilha. Finding a furnished rental in Covilha is like renting a studio, an apartment or even a house in which the owner is also living in the property. In both cases, the rentals will have obligatory equipment that make each a "furnished rental". . Thanks to Roomlala you can also find a roommate or roommates in Covilha. If you have already found an accommodation (house, apartment), you can then simply publish a free ad to look for your future roommates with whom to share it with. If you have neither accommodation nor roommates yet, you can directly find a roommate in Covilha, or in a preferred borough of Covilha, for medium and long durations (room to rent at the month at the year). For shorter stays, our platform also allows you to search for a guest room in Covilha or a bed and breakfast in Covilha, near the tourist places of Covilha. On the occasion of a holiday rental in Covilha, you can visit its essential places and also stroll around the city. You will be able to walk along its most famous avenues and streets. Another possibility: you are looking for accommodation in exchange of services in Covilha? Roomlala offers you rentals for services such as childcare, help for the elderly, school support, home help, intergenerational housing, student help, babysitting, cleaning, etc.